It is the intention of this site to be an educational resource which introduces the user to the anatomy, physiology, histology, and pathology of the laboratory mouse, with an emphasis on the Genetically Engineered Mouse (GEM) which is quickly becoming the tool of choice for the study of disease. Please note that this site extensively utilizes multimedia files (quicktime and flash) which you may have to download and install for many of the pages to be rendered correctly.

UPDATE 2015 - The quicktime plugin has begun to be phased out of modern browsers so these pages will have download links instead.

This site is a work in progress, and is for educational non-profit use only. If you wish to link to any of the material on this site, you need to contact Ben Schwartz first to obtain permission. Funding for this project is provide by NIH through the MMRRC grant. Please send your comments and or suggestions to Ben Schwartz.