Table 2

Comparison of Classification of Mammary Gland Proliferative Lesions.


Annapolis nomenclature

Nomenclature used in the literature*



Cellular origin/


Hyperplasia, Functional, without atypia Hyperplasia Alveolar /Ductal
Acinar Hyperplasia, Low Grade, Focal, Non-GEM  Hyperplastic alveolar nodule (HAN) Alveolar 
Solid Hyperplasia, Low Grade, Focal, Hormone-induced, Non-GEM Plaque/organoid/pregnancy-dependent "tumor" (Type P) Ductal 
Mammary Intra-epithelial Neoplasia (MIN) No reports Alveolar /Ductal
Adenoma/Carcinoma* Adenocarcinoma Alveolar
Glandular/Acinar Type A "
Cribriform Type AB/Type B/Type L "
Papillary Type B/Type Y "
Solid Type B/Type P " /Ductal
Adenosquamous  Adenoacanthoma/Pale cell tumor/Large cell tumor/Adenosquamous carcinoma "
Fibroadenoma No reports  
Squamous carcinoma Molluscoid tumor/Intraductal squamous carcinoma  Ductal
Adenomyoepithelioma benign/malignant Adenocarcinoma type C/Carcinosarcoma/Mixed tumor/Adenomyoepithelioma

Alveolar and/or ductal, 

myoepithelial possibly with 

cartilage or bone

Not otherwise specified (NOS) No reports Unknown

* alveolar or ductal origin/differentiation