Glandular Tumor is composed of glands. Figure 3A
Acinar Tumor is composed of small glandular clusters with small lumens. While this is a subclass of glandular, it is very characteristic of MMTV-induced tumors. Figure 3B
Cribriform Tumor is composed of sheets or nests of cells forming lumens with round, punched out spaces.. Figure 3C
Papillary Tumor has finger-like projections composed of epithelium covering a central fibrovascular core. Figure 3D
Solid Tumor is composed of solid sheets of epithelial cells with little or no glandular differentiation. Figure 3E
Squamous Tumors composed solely of squamous cells with or without keratinization, absence of glandular pattern. Figure 2E
Fibroadenoma Tumor is composed of a proliferation of both myxoid fibrous stroma and glands. Figure 3G
Adenomyoepithelioma Tumor is composed of myoepithelium and glands. Figure 2F
Adenosquamous Tumor has both glandular and squamous differentiation. Figure 2C
Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) Tumor does not have any of the other common descriptor patterns.  


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