3.3. Comparison of Human and Mouse Mammary Biology


Molecular lesions causing breast cancer in human have proven to cause breast cancer in Genetically Engineered Mice. Some molecular lesions causing breast cancer in mice have not been found in human breast cancer. Discussion
Similar morphological patterns of lesions appear in both species The morphology of most mouse tumors does not resemble the common human breast cancers.  Discussion
Development of cancer consistent with multi-hit kinetics. Some transgenes appear to be associated with one-hit kinetics. Discussion
Breast cancers in both species are metastatic. Most tumors mouse metastasize to the lung. Most human metastasize to the regional lymph nodes. Discussion
Both species have distinctive host responses to the cancers. The mouse generally does not respond to its tumor with as much fibrosis and inflammation. Discussion
Breast cancer is frequently hormone independent. Half of human breast cancers are hormone independent. Most mouse tumors are hormone independent. Discussion