3.2.1. Classification of mammary gland proliferative lesions for non-transgenic mice

Nomenclature used in the literature* Cellular origin / Differentiation Example
Hyperplasia Alveolar /Ductal
Hyperplastic alveolar nodule (HAN) Alveolar
Plaque/organoid/pregnancy-dependent "tumor" (Type P) Ductal
Adenocarcinoma Alveolar  
Type A Alveolar
Type AB/Type B/Type L Alveolar  
Type B/Type Y Alveolar
Type B/Type P Alveolar/Ductal
Adenoacanthoma/Pale cell tumor/Large cell tumor/Adenosquamous carcinoma Alveolar
Molluscoid tumor/Intraductal squamous carcinoma Ductal
Adenocarcinoma type C/Carcinosarcoma/Mixed tumor/Adenomyoepithelioma Alveolar and/or ductal, myoepithelial possibly with cartilage or bone
* alveolar or ductal origin/differentiation