4. Murine Model Systems for Human Breast Cancer

The selection of mouse models was made in preparation for the Annapolis conference. Researchers provided tissue blocks from animal models. The tissue was processed at the NIH and a slide collection was sent out to pathologists for review. The slide numbers refer to the Annapolis slide collection. A complete list of animal models used for the Annapolis conference can be found in the Appendix of the CD-ROM. The list also provides you with links to the publication abstracts, PDF files of the publications (if available) and additional information about the animal models.

The different mouse models of human breast cancer on this CD-ROM are arranged according the the function of the transgene. You may see images of the typical histopathology of each model by clicking on each transgene or knock out gene. In some cases, the histopathology is complex and multiple images are provided to illustrate different pathological patterns.

4.1. Growth Factors
4.2. Receptors
4.3. Signaling Pathways
4.4. Cell Cycle
4.5. Differentation
4.6. Other Transgenes
4.7. Miscellaneous