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Image Viewer

The Image Viewer is a Java applet that allows the user to zoom in on a detailed version of the image. This applet is comprised of the Thumbnail Area, Zoom Control and Zoom Area

Thumbnail Area
The Thumbnail Area is a 'box' that appears at the top of the applet window. It displays a small version of the image that is being viewed. Use the mouse cursor to click, hold, and drag out a selection region inside of this area. The selected region will appear in the box at the bottom.

Zoom Control
These controls appear in the middle of the applet window. Use the zoom control on the left, which currently displays '15%', to control the magnification factor of the bottom Zoom window. The higher the zoom value, the more detail will appear.
The float button shows the bottom image in a different window.

Zoom Area
In the bottom of the applet window is the zoom area. This 'box' shows a detailed view of the thumbnail image in the top area. Theamount of maginification for this area depends on the zoom setting in the control above.