Help: System Requirements

1. Software

This CD is viewed via a web browser. The major web browsers for Windows work well. On the Macintosh, this CD and it's contents are best viewed with Internet Explorer and the Apple Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ). Click here for information on configuring your Macintosh browser.

In addition, JavaScript and Java must be enabled inside of your browser for all of the features to work. Refer to the help documents distributed with your browser to enable JavaScript and Java. These settings are generally under 'Preferences' or 'Internet Options' menu items depending on your browser.

Please Note: UNIX, LINUX and Netscape for the Macintosh are not supported.

Click here for a comprehensive compatibility chart.

2. Hardware

This CD contains high-resolution color images of tissue. Your monitor must be set to use High or True color for the images on this CD to display properly. If your monitor is set to 256 colors or less, the images will appear but they will look pixelated, dithered and generally poor.

To change your monitor's color settings in Windows, right-click on your desktop and go to 'Properties'. Click on the 'Settings' tab, and change the color palette to be anything higher than 256 color.

On a Macintosh go to the Apple menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, 'Control Panels', and 'Monitors and Sound'. Set your monitor to display millions of colors. You can use thousands of colors, but the image quality will be slightly reduced.

3. How to run this CD

This CD is configured to start automatically on most systems when placed in your CD-ROM drive. If it does not start, do one of the following:

Windows users can go to 'My Computer' and double-click on the CD drive icon , then double-click on 'cancercd.exe'. To bypass the splash screen, double-click on the file 'index.html'.

Macintosh users can click on the 'CancerCD' logo on their desktop and then click on the file named 'CancerCD'. To bypass the splash screen, double-click on the file 'index.html'.