Help: Troubleshooting

Q: The pictures look fuzzy or pixelated.
A: Make sure the monitor is set to more than 256 colors. Click here for instructions on how to do this; look under the hardware section. The images may also appear fuzzy in the image viewer applet when the image is not being viewed at 100% zoom.

Q: The image viewer applet is not working correctly.
A: Make sure Java is enabled in your browser. Click here for instructions.
Java support is not distributed with Internet Explorer 5.0 for Macintosh. Download Macintosh OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) from Apple to fix this problem at: <>

Q: The search feature is not working or displays a JavaScript error message.
A: Make sure your browser is compatible with this CD. Click here for information on browser compatibility. JavaScript also needs to be enabled in your browser. Refer to your browser's documentation on how to do this.

Q: The search feature did not return any results.
A: The search feature works by searching through an index of commonly occuring words in a page. If a certain word does not return any results, try searching for another word that would be used in the desired text. When searching for only one keyword, make sure 'or' is selected.

Q: A 'memory error' message displays on Macintosh.
A: The search feature uses a significant amount of memory. Allocate more memory to the web browser by locating the web browser's executable file and highlighting it. Go to the 'File' menu, select 'Get Info', and increase the amount of memory allocated.

Q: 'x matches were found. Use the 'and' option with another keyword to narrow search results.'
A: The search feature can return a maximum of 50 search results. Use another keyword and/or change the search to 'and' to narrow the results.