Comparative Mammalian Anatomy Atlas
These images illustrate the anatomy and histology of the mouse male genital system. The samples were prepared by Dr. F. Lucero, UCDavis and captured by R. Munn, UCDavis. Illustration provided by Dr. M. Shen, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  

Anatomic Features:

Os Baculum
Preputial gland
Urethra (external)
Urethra (internal)
Corpus Cavernosa
Skeletal muscle, periurethral
Urethral Diverticulum
Bulbocavernosus muscle

Ventral Prostate

Lateral prostate
Lateral prostate duct

Coagulating gland
Coagulating gland ducts:
urethral part of duct
secretory epithelium

Ampullary glands
Ductus Deferensbr> Seminal vesicle
Urinary Bladder